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| 12 Color Professionals X Ideal Life |

| 12色職人 X 理想生活企劃 |


Bonito Deco’s new project, this time we visited Boss Ren-Qian from Kuanyu Group. He gave people a stable and professional spirit. He has his own way of relaxing methods when he is busy with work. He likes to use gray tones to harmonize his space…..

Let’s see how he connects his ideal life through the grey cellular shade!

Bonito Deco的全新企劃,這次訪問來自冠宇集團的仁謙Boss,他給人穩定、專業的服務精神,工作繁忙的他有自己一套放鬆方法,喜歡用灰色色調來調和他最常出沒的辦公空間…..



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